So is this really based on scientific research?

Definitely.  And not just some “scientific” research done by the company promoting it, but rather by numerous academic institutions and published by reputable journals just as Sleep, Sleep Medicine, and The Journal of Clinical Psychology, all of which are referenced on Pubmed, a government database of medical and scientific journals.   A brief list of just some of the journal articles referenced in constructing this website is here.

So why Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia instead of other types of treatment (e.g. sleeping pills, etc)?

A recent Harvard study showed Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia (CBTi) is MORE effective than sleeping pills and CBTi should be used as the preferred treatment instead of sleeping pills (Otto 2004). In fact the American Academy of Sleep Medicine practice recommendations advise sleep doctors that CBTi is the best available therapy for insomnia (Sleep 2006, 2008).  This is probably because CBTi actually treats the underlying causes of insomnia instead of just trying to cover them up with pills that make you sleepy.  Additionally, CBTi is less expensive than sleeping pills and has none of their side effects like daytime grogginess, tolerance (the more you use it, the less well it works), withdrawal (coming off the medication actually makes your insomnia worse), and addiction.  Finally, unlike nearly all sleeping pills which are only approved by the FDA to be used less than 3 months, CBTi treats insomnia safely for the long run.

So how is CBTi online better than a psychologist’s office?

Online Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for insomnia (CBTi) is based on the same techniques as office-based CBTi.  Relatively recently online CBTi was shown to be as effective as office-based (Ritterband 2009).  But unlike office-based CBTi during which the visits can be as short as 20 minutes or less, you have all the time you desire using this method to gain significantly more insight into insomnia and make sure you’re doing everything correctly.  Additionally, this is profoundly less expensive than even a single visit to a doctor (much less the visit to your GP, followed by a consult to a sleep doctor and then another 4-8 (or more) follow up visits).  Also unlike a psychologist’s office, there is no stigma to going to a website and it’s far more private.

Ok, I get it, CBTi is what all sleep doctors do for insomnia patients, but WHAT IS Cognitive & Behavioral Therapies for Insomnia exactly?!!!

CBTi is many types of therapy.  “Cognitive” therapy largely refers to (1) educating patients about what normal sleep is, how insomnia starts and what allows it to continue, and (2) helping patients understand how their thoughts can effect their sleep and then how to correct their thoughts to allow for sleep.  “Behavioral” therapies refers to educating patients on what behaviors they have that allow insomnia to start and continue and then how to correct these behaviors to allow for sleep.

So how fast is realistic for CBTi to improve my insomnia?

This depends on the individual, both on how well they understand and abide by the techniques.  But just as your insomnia probably didn’t start in a single day, fixing your insomnia will also take some time.  Most CBTi done in a psychologist’s office consist of weekly meetings for at least 4-8 weeks in duration and some for significantly longer.  Again, this all depends on how seriously you take your insomnia and how committed you are to making it better.  But the good news is you are the one in control now.  For most insomniacs, that probably hasn’t been the case for a long time.

So what is the difference between the different plans?

Just length of subscription.  Anyone who signs up for a membership regardless of length will have access to take scientifically validated surveys about your sleep, view our educational videos, searchable FAQs pages about sleep, and practice numerous sleep techniques including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for insomnia and various relaxation techniques.  Subscriptions are automatically renewing unless you cancel the subscription before the end of the time period.

So why use this website and not one of the others out there?

Look for credentials, expertise, training, and research on the website to back up their claims.  Unfortunately there are a lot of marginal websites trying to take advantage of insomnia suffers by selling them yet another CD or strangely contrived devices (e.g. air mattress for $10,000, bizarre pillows, nose attachments, new age crystals, etc) or untested herbal “remedies” that can often be dangerous to your health and have not undergone rigorous academic study from numerous outside sources.

So how do I know your website isn’t one of those phony websites you refer to?

Mayo Clinic is ranked #1 in the U.S. for neurology (sleep is a subsection of neurology).  Here is there take on CBTi, sleeping pills, and insomnia.  Their website alludes to the very tip of the iceberg of what InsomniaDoc.com addresses, but is otherwise very similar in content and perspective.  Instead of just alluding to the techniques, however, InsomniaDoc.com teaches them to you.  Additionally, my credentials can be found here including my training at Cleveland Clinic (which is currently ranked #6 in the U.S. for neurology & sleep medicine according to U.S. News and World Report).  Finally, InsomniaDoc guarantees if you login daily & use this website, your insomnia will improve or we’ll give you your money back.  How many other doctors guarantee their work?!  So what do you have to lose?  Just your sleep… if you don’t sign up.

What if English isn’t great?  Or what if I’m hearing or visually impaired?

For those with difficulty with English, see the tool bar at the bottom of the screen and click “Translate.”  It’s an imperfect translation, but it’s good enough to understand most of the information in many languages.  For the visually impaired, most of what’s written on the site is also explained in the audio of the videos.  Similarly for those with hearing difficulties, most of the information is also explained in written text.

How many times can I download the e-files (e.g. MP3s) and how long do I have to do so?

You can download the file(s) you purchased up to 5 times up to 24 hours after you’ve made your purchase.

How do I cancel my subscription?

Cancelling is easy.  Once signed up, just go to “Member’s Area”–> “Account Setting”–> “Cancel Subscription.”   Just remember, once you subscription is cancelled, you won’t have access to the lower automated recurring billing prices if you want to extend your subscription.

If I cancel my subscription, will I still be able to use the remainder of my time my subscription paid for?

Yep.  For example, let’s say you sign up for a 3 month subscription on a Sunday and by Friday you’re convinced 3 months will be a long enough subscription for you.  You can just cancel your subscription that day and still get continued access to the website for the next 11 weeks and 2 days at which time your credit card will not be billed again.  However, if you then change your mind at the end of 3 months and decide you want to further extend your subscription another 3 months, you will need to sign up again and full subscription rates and lose out on the automated discount pricing of recurring billing.

How do I change my billing information?

Once signed up, just go to “Member’s Area”–> “Account Setting”–> “Update Billing Info.”  There you can change your credit card info as needed.

What’s your refund policy?

Membership subscriptions & downloads can be refunded within 24 hours of signing up in extenuating circumstances and at our discretion.

Any website down time, however rare, will be replaced with a free extension of your membership for an equal or longer period of time.  However, we are in no way liable for your internet connection’s integrity or speed nor local connecting issues specific to your ISP.

Other products may have manufacturer warranties to be settled with the manufacturer.  See warranty included with product for details.

What’s your privacy policy?

You can view it here.  Basically, like other doctors you see, we are interested in research & improving the quality of our service.  That is, by filling out our surveys, you give us permission to anonymously use your scientific survey data to do research and answer important questions like “how much does the average user’s sleep increase in 1 month of using this website?”  No personal information will ever be released or sold and all questionnaires are HIPAA compliant.