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The Sleep Doctor Cleveland Clinic help sleep treatment online
Membership includes:
•Cutting edge scientific analysis of your sleep using extensive questionnaires reviewed by an insomnia doctor to help you understand what type(s) of insomnia you have.
•Cognitive & Behavioral Therapies for Insomnia, the proven most effective treatment for insomnia according to Harvard research (Otto 2004) and the most highly recommended treatment by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine to sleep doctors.  Also the most recommended treatment according to Consumer Reports (January 2012).
 •Patient education about what normal sleep is, how people with insomnia are different, how insomnia can start, and what allows insomnia to continue.
•Education about how patients’ thoughts and behaviors can effect how they sleep leading to, and perpetuating insomnia,  and then how to correct these thoughts and behaviors to allow for sleep.
•Learn how different things influence your insomnia: everything from what you eat, to how you think, to what things you do before you go to bed,  what time you go to bed, & how long you stay in bed.
•Learn which common sleep myths are real versus fake.
•Track your sleep using a sleep diary & graph your results to watch your insomnia improve.
Insomnia Doctor Cleveland Clinic help sleep treatment online
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The Sleep Doctor Cleveland Clinic help sleep treatment online
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